We offer a service of designing and creating (building) web sites to our customers in accordance to their needs (ie. Personnal, Commerical), and complexity required. For more information click on Website Service.
        We offer a service of designing and creating software (programmes) in C/C++ language and assembly language for AVR microcontroller (MCU) devices. For more information click on AVR Firmware Service.
        It is a professional communication software product that allow PC to connect to PBX or PABX through SMDR or CDR port. Provides 14 regular reports with sorting and ascending/descending order,  in  addition  to 63 chart bar reports. DataBase management i.e. Extensions (Stations), User, Departments, Phone Book ... etc. In addition to  international  and local Prices databases. The software is designed to be easy to use and learn. Each report consist of leafs or box-icons, and double clicking on an icon, another sub-report or Calls detail table will show-up. For detailed information click on CMar4Pabx Brochure Page
        Our website was launched in 1998, to globally market our products and services world wide for windows operating system plateform.
         We are committed to providing a reliable products and services to our customers (i.e. Individuals, Educationals, clinics and Businesses) to  become  successfull,  profitable  and productive with their work we had built for them.

By understanding customers' needs, requirements and challenges,  our  professional team will strive to help provide them with exceptionally high quality designed product and/or services while saving time, effort, and money, and yielding superior  customer  satistaction i.e. From initial consultation to delivering effective solutions.
        Our customers rely on us for the expertise, services and solutions we provide. This has contributed to our success and kept customers coming back around to do business with us either through buying product(s) and/or providing service(s).
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Products and Services Brief Description

Professional Trusted Solutions, Inc. Office

CMar4Pabx - Call Management, Accounting and Reporting for Pabx Software

MarSecureData++ - File security Software

               MarSecureData++ software is for people who are looking to secure their valuable data i.e. documents, images, e-mails, ... etc, files using superior, efficient and highly data encrypting / compression alogrithms. The software is a great tool for securing your sensitive information, and allows you to apply encryption serveral times. In addition it provide directory detailed compare i.e. equal, unqiue, different, ... etc. Also it allows to shred (erase) directory and free disk space completely and permanentely. Its User Interface can be used by anyone, regardless of their skills. For details click on MarSecureData++ Brochure Page

Atmel AVR Microcontrollers Firmware Development Service

Dynamic/Static Web Site Development Service

C/C++ software Applications Development Service

        We offer a service of developing software application (programming) in C/C++ language. For details click on C/C++ Service.
Team Leader Information:
    Name  : Marwan E. Abu-Namous,
    Degree: Bsc in Electronics & Computer (Software / Hardware) & Telecommunication
    From   : Portsmouth University (England, U.K.) in 1982
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